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Our Workshop

The Wodonga Men’s Shed currently has a relatively small but well equipped workshop. It is adequate for the existing number of members that participate in workshop activities, however with significant growth in overall numbers anticipated our workshop will also need to develop further in terms of space and equipment.

As you can see from the image below, our Shed has a well equiped workshop. The operation of the workshop is governed by standard workshop health and safety procedures and the onus is on all members to ensure safe work practices are adopted by all members.

Project Activity

Band Saws

Metal Lathe

Wood Lathe

Workshop Projects

The Wodonga Men’s Shed raises funds in many ways – BBQ’s at Supermarkets and Bunnings are a major source of funds. However, in the future the fundraising activities of our workshop will become increasingly important.

In the past we have undertaken a variety of projects. These have included the construction of garden furniture, the repair of furniture and equipment, feeder boxes, council projects, etc.

It is envisaged that these types of projects will continue, however they will be supplemented by a planned approach to workshop projects and fund raising that are within the scope and overall ability of the Men’s Shed.

Toy Repairs

Fly Fish Lures

Pallet Bench & Stool

Animal Feed Bins

Boat Repairs

Walker Repairs

Furniture Repairs

Presentation Cabinet