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What does the Shed Offer?

We aim to offer a variety of programs and activities to suit a range of men’s interests and needs.
Some of the activities that we have on offer include:

  • Woodwork
  • Social Outings
  • Information on Men’s health issues
  • Voluntary community projects
  • Metalwork
  • Restoring toys, furniture, etc
  • Guest speakers or discussions
  • Growing vegetables
  • Have BBQ’s


Just share a yarn with other blokes.

Over the years, men have traditionally not talked about feeling and emotions. There has been little encouragement for men to take an interest in their own health and well-being. Probably because of this men are less healthy than women, they drink more, take more risk and they suffer more from stress, isolation, loneliness and depression.

Becoming a member of a Men’s Shed gives a man an environment where he can find solutions too many of these issues in an atmosphere of old-fashioned mateship. Members of Men’s Shed come from all walks of life, the bond that unities them is that they are men with time on their hands and the fact that one or more of a broad range of issues that could be impacting on their lives.

Men’s Sheds endeavour to provide a safe and happy environment where men are welcome to work on a project of their choice in their own time and where the only “must” is to observe safe working practices. All in a spirit of mateship.

Men’s Health Issues are Being Addressed

The Men’s Shed aims to raise awareness of these issues, to provide some valuable ways to reduce the risks, and ultimately help men ‘shed’ and apprehensions about facing up to their health and well-being.

Here are some facts about the health of men:

  • On average, men die 5 years earlier than women.
  • Half of men are overweight compared to a third of women.
  • 60% more men die from cancer.
  • Heart disease kills 63% more men than women.
  • Men’s suicide rate is 4 times higher.

We recognize that by having healthier and happier men we are helping to strengthen them, their families and the community.