Men’s Shed Overview

The Wodonga Men’s Shed is a place for men to come together, to socialise and to share or develop their skills and relate their experiences. A place of camaraderie, of teamwork and for celebrating community spirit. It’s a place to build on the health and well-being of men.

The Men’s Shed is more than just a “shed”, we meet new friends, share experiences (mostly with a laugh) and we always leave feeling better than when we arrived.

There is an open invitation to all men to come and share in our friendship and camaraderie.

Who’s the Men’s Shed for?

The shed is for blokes of any age, though we realize that men’s sheds traditionally attract many older men, particularly those in or close to their retirement.

We’re keen to involve men who have particular skills and who’d gladly help teach others. We’re equally keen to have blokes involved who want to learn from others, or maybe just want to come along for a cuppa and a chat.

Whether you’re a resident of the border region or a casual visitor to the area, the Wodonga Men’s Shed welcomes you with open arms.


As part of the Shed’s strategy to develop a  stronger relationship with the Belvoir Special School the school’s representatives visited during morning tea on 15th May.

Ebony Mitchell (Asst Principal) & Naomi Middleton (Art & Woodwork) told our members about the School including its activities and  challenges.

Naomi along with a second school representative, yet to be named, will join Mick McInerney and Ken Farrar to form a working group to guide future interaction.

Carevan Benches

Carevan Albury requested assistance from our shed to supply some shelving. This job was taken on by Scott Brown who spent time prefabricating the items required from our stockpile of pallet parts. Once all of the items were made Scott , Mark Stacey and Wayne Polly took these items to Carevan Albury warehouse and fitted the shelving.

The boys fitted a work bench with storage space, a thee level storage rack and two racks with two storage shelves.

Carevan Albury were very happy with the extra shelving that they now have and are able to utilize their pace more efficiently.

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Picnic Tables and Bench Seats

The Wodonga Men’s Shed has Ben busy constructing metal picnic table and bench seats for the local Parks Victoria. The men from the metal fabrication shed are as listed Ron Goschnick, Ron Piergroosse Alan Dunn

Mini Village

Pictured above is the Miniature village built with recycled timber by Les Letcher which represents houses and shops and made for Upper Murray Family Care.

Les is currently working on another project for UMFC made from old cable drums.

Caitlin Parti shown is enjoying investigating the village.



Fay’s Coffee Table Finally Finished

Josh Peffer has just completed his project of a coffee table for his grandmother  Fay

This project is a Christmas present for Fay, Josh is not sure which Christmas it’s for!

Josh would like to thank the members of the men’s shed who assisted him with this project