Possum Boxes in the Forest

Last Friday several of our shed members (the elite possum box construction team) accompanied  Shane from Parklands Albury Wodonga to check out some the boxes installed in a greenbelt adjacent to the housing estate at Baranduda.

Shane demonstrated how the boxes were monitored and checking  to ensure the least disturbance to any possums occupying the box with a pole mounted camera placed in the entrance hole.

This was then followed up with a quick look in the by opening the lid to get an accurate count of possums and babies in each occupied box.

We were surprised to find out that not all boxes were successful in housing possums as some were taken over by bees to make a hive and there is a reluctance to evict them as there part of the natural eco system.

As an aside Shane also told us the  possum bridges that are situated at various locations along the Hume freeway are getting over thirty crossings per night.